Gym Rules

1. Maintain gym courtesy at all times.
2. Put weights up after use.
3. Do not abuse equipment.
4. Proper dress must be worn. (Shirt and Shoes required.)
5. Children are not allowed on the gym floor at ANYTIME unless they are 13 years or older.
6. Do not allow anyone in under your access code.
7. No foul language is allowed.
8. Cardio equipment must be cleaned with disinfectant after each use.
9. Tanning beds must be cleaned with disinfectant after each use.
10. Enter the gym one person at a time.
11. Guest envelopes must be filled out for each guest. (Please have correct change - $5)
12. One must not open the door for ANYONE, ANYTIME, except for medical emergency!

You may attend this facility 24/7 without a staff member present and we are not liable for accidents. Violation of these rules may result in my membership being deactivated and all payments forfeited.